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Established 1981

About Us

Bawds is an amateur production company based in Cambridge. We usually present three main house shows a year as well as one or two studio or drama festival productions.
Directing for Bawds

We are currently accepting submissions for our April & July 2021 productions. 

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Directing For Bawds - Submissions Policy

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History and Committee
Bawds was founded in 1981 in Cambridge, initially to present productions of restoration plays. It was later decided to broaden the theatrical scope of the company by presenting a wider variety of pieces. As a result of this decision, Bawds has since staged many plays by modern authors. The company has used various types of venues for its productions, ranging from college gardens and studio spaces to traditional proscenium arch theatres. Now recognised as a leading Cambridge amateur dramatic production company, we present three major productions a year and one or two festival or studio productions, some of which have been toured as far as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Bawds has no formal membership.
The company is administered by an elected committee; current officers and committee members for 2018 are: Rosemary Eason (Chairman), Colin Lawrence (Treasurer), Joyce Fenton (Secretary), Sean Baker (Publicity Secretary), Maddie Forrester (Minutes Secretary), Tracy James, Helen McCallum, Cathy McCluskey, Guy Marshall and David Sear.  In accordance with the company's rules, all of the directors, actors, and backstage team members who have been actively involved in productions during a financial year are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting which is held in February.
We have an ongoing policy of considering submissions from local directors and open auditions are advertised for all our 'main-house' and 'studio' productions.  We also, on occasions, accept submissions for drama festival productions, but this type of show is only approved subject to available financial resources. For drama festival production submissions, open auditions are not always advertised as it's left to directors to determine whether to cast by audition or by invitation. They have the option of submitting a production for consideration after having already assembled their casts and production teams.
Those interesting in directing for the first time may find it useful to 'shadow' a director to see how he or she works. If you would like to become involved in a production in this way, you can approach any of the directors to ask if they are prepared to help. Directors' contact details are shown on the relevant production page.

Annual General Meeting
Our next ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (2020) will be held in February 2021 Date and venue to be confirmed

All persons who have participated in any capacity in any Bawds production are invited to attend the meeting. Nominations for the Officers (Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary) and Committee Posts (a minimum of six posts) are invited and should be emailed to Bawds Secretary Joyce Fenton.

The winners of The 2020 Golden Plume Award for acting and the 2020 Technical Award are announced at the Bawds AGM. They are voted for by the Bawds Committee Members, who are not eligible for nomination. Votes are collated by an independent auditor.


Bawds Privacy Policy 

We have taken the opportunity presented by the GDPR to create a Privacy Policy to help us ensure that we keep any information you share with us as safe as possible.  We will only ever use the details you share with us to make you aware of Bawds’ events, play readings and other activities as described in our Privacy Policy