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Auditions for our December production
will be held in
June 2019 

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Mole and his friend the River Rat decide to visit the famous Toad of Toad Hall, who is as charming a gentle-toad as you could wish to meet. However, when Toad gets enthusiastic about something -- well, nothing exceeds like excess, and his new enthusiasm is for motoring!

Mole and Rat, unable to control their friend, seek the counsel of the wise old Badger, but in doing so, they stir up the Wildwood Gang ....

This magnificent adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's ebullient classic, combined with beautiful music, is the ideal family show for the festive season.

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Temporary Artwork
Auditions for our April 2020 production will be held in September 2019 

Details to be announced

Bleak House is the story of the Jarndyce family, who wait in vain to inherit money from a disputed fortune in the settlement of the extremely long-running lawsuit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce.
Ada Clare and Richard Carstone are caught up in the case which could eventually make them incredibly rich, if it can ever be brought to a conclusion.

They go to live at Bleak House which is owned by the generous John Jarndyce, who is given custody, by the court, of Ada and Richard. Jarndyce is also the guardian of Esther Summerson, who also lives at Bleak House.

The many sub-plots feature numerous other characters all of whose lives are tied in, in some way or other to the outcome of the case. Characters like, Sir Leicester Deadlock and his wife, Lady Dedlock who nurses a dark secret from her husband; a secret which the merciless lawyer, Tulkinghorn tries desperately to uncover. Into the mix are thrown a lovelorn solicitor’s clerk, Guppy, a grasping moneylender, Smallweed, a conniving maidservant, Hortense, a rag and bottle dealer, Krook, a law stationer and his nagging wife, the Snagsbys, a consumptive crossing sweeper Jo, and a police detective, Bucket.

The story blends together a number of different genres: detective fiction, romance, melodrama and satire and illustrates what Dickens considered to be the one great principle of the English law ... to make business for itself.

Cast requirementgs to be announced

Temporary Artwork