Cambridge's leading amateur theatre production company

Established 1981

The Play's The Thing
 Tsunami  Appeal  Evening
produced by Nick Warburton & Richard Brown

The Round Church, Cambridge, 21 January 2005

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A Joint Production by Bawds & Combined Actors

The sum raised was £1500.00
of which £1000 was donated to The Indonesia Disaster Relief Fund
organised by FFI and £500 to

Those taking part
Barry Brown, Gill Brown, Richard Brown, Roz Brown, Nicolas Calisti, Caitlin Cloum, Cathy Cutmore, Julian Davies, Tony Davy, Dee Dee Doke, James Dowson, Rosemary Eason, Barry Evans, Ian Favell, Colin Fish, Madeleine Forrester, David Foyle, Richard Fredman, Mariam Gaballa, Paul Gaskell, Carol Gerza, Sara Halse. Pat Hamilton, Bernadette Hempstead, Janet Heure, Chris Hindley, Ellen Hindley, Geraldine Hindley, Simon Humphreys, Michael Husband, Chris Jones, Richard Latham, Colin Lawrence, Diana lloyd, Cathey McCluskey, Sally Marsh, Amanda Matravers, Derek Matravers, Emerald O'Hanrahan, Sue Paitner, Penny Peoples, Richard Peoples. Mavis Perkins, Richard Peroni. Tricia Peroni, Brian Perrett, David Philpott, Aly Peterson, Alex Rhiele, Crystal Rhiele, Harrison Rhiele, Joshua Schappert, John Sharkey, John Shippey, Lucinda Sparrow, Kimberley Tongish, Suzi Turton, Graham Waterhouse, Rex Walford, Nick Warburton, Rosie Wilson, Martin Woodruff, Clive Young - with a little help from their friends. 

With special thanks to Martin Lown of The Round Church and all stewards and helpers on the evening